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Although MOBO PRIMO is contained as a single unit, MOBO PRIMO is actually Dozens of concurrent products, each with multiple iterations.  With MOBO’s modular design, simply exchanging Rubber Pressure Bands, Rubber End Tips, Machined Aluminum Connectors, Wood Ball Locations and Distances, etc. allow a Therapist or Consumer to modify MOBO, quickly targeting particular needs.

Top Quality Materials

MOBO is built from the highest quality aluminum, steel, wood, and silicone to be found.  Since each component has multiple uses with exact specifications, we searched high and low to find the best possible physical properties to construct each component.



Wood is an organic, warm, sensual material that beckons the mind toward earthy massage and restoration. Each Ball is constructed with the finest, smooth Birch Wood grain, slightly grooved around the perimeter parallel to a center hole for the Wand. Each Ball is tumbled, sanded, and clear coat finished with a water, oil, and sweat proof seal.



Strong, shiny, sterile metal instills sensations of science and medicine. Each WAND End Connector is precisely honed to exact specifications, including a quick-release button for graceful removal and insertion into one another and the Center WAND. Each Button is color coded through aluminum anodization for swift element recognition.

We’ve opted to simplify the MOBO WAND by offering just a single set of materials (aluminum and steel) without any special finish (except on the buttons). “Over time, these WANDS will accumulate scratches from contact with the Balls and general use. Anodized finishes, polished surface, PVD coating, and color coating will all wear out, leaving the piece less than desirable. The natural color and the basic finish can be renewed as needed. We feel that scratches will add character to the piece over time. The finish can be renewed by hand sanding with 400–600 grit sandpaper and green Scotch-Brite pads.”



Flexible, lively, resilient rubber resounds melodies of sport and motion. Textured and properly cushioned TPR Bands and Latex Rubber End Caps are medical grade. Rapid removal and replacement of each component empowers the user to add precise texture and cushioning while moving through activity progression with ease.

The Original Design

The MOBO System has gone through multiple iterations to test and perfect each of the 40 concurrent products found in the device.

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MOBO System Mobility Training