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Christie Powell

Owner & Director of CATZ Sports Performance & Physical Therapy | PT, MSPT, STS, USSF “D”

Christie is co-owner of Catz Sports Performance and Physical Therapy and is the Director of CATZ Physical Therapy. Currently continuing her higher education, she is working diligently to conclude her PhD in Kinesiology/Exercise Science at the University of Texas at Austin in May 2014. Christie has dedicated her time to working with youth and adult athletes and involves herself in various programs to promote education and increase awareness of athletic injuries.

Christie recently contributed a Special Topics chapter “Functional Measures for Lower Extremity Injuries: A Guide to a Safe Return to Sport” in the Handbook of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation 3rd edition with local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brent Brotzman. Christie conceived the conceptual underpinnings of MOBO many years ago when she was trying to find self-mobilizing therapy tools, which patients could easily use at home.

Starting with a Lacrosse ball, she found that the density and size of the ball worked well for administering pressure deeply in the tissue and joints, much like the size and pressure of the heel of her hand while working with a patient.  Additionally, pre-MOBO, Christie used a rag on the end of a stick to mobilize her patient’s upper trap, cervical rib, and pectoral areas.

Realizing that her methods had great effectiveness, Christie asked Cosmo to help her develop a product that gave her patients a better experience than a lacrosse ball and a rag on a stick.  MOBO has come a long way (and her patients are very happy about that).

Cosmo Raines

Cosmo was Founder, President, Chief Technology Officer, and Inventor at Hyper Wear®, INC. Twenty years ago, Cosmo designed and developed the ingenious Hyper Vest® PRO, which included securing a design patent for weighted apparel.

After spending years researching and developing in the health and fitness venue, he has extensive knowledge of the exercise and rehabilitation markets. His recent design innovations that are taking the fitness industry by storm is the acclaimed line of  SandBell® products.

Cosmo is a designer/inventor at heart. No matter the problem, Cosmo likes to find an answer that actually works. MOBO came from the desire to help Christie Powell find a solution for the maladies that affected a majority of the patients she saw on a daily basis.  Not finding anything on the market, Cosmo fleshed out the basic design principles behind MOBO.

Next, he worked with Christie to fully evaluate MOBO’s potential reach and add an educational structure to create a fully developed therapy protocol called MOBO System .

Erick Nelson

Erick is the owner and founder of Computer Experts, LLC. Erick has been solving computer problems in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and Lakeway for 15 years.

When Erick was young he learned to be really good at fixing computers because he was good at breaking his own. Realizing he had a skill that people needed, he started his own business fixing computers. When he first began, his mom had to drive him to his clients’ homes because he was just 15 years old!

He has refurbished and donated over a hundred computers to charities and set up multiple computer labs. Erick loves good design and functional products. Erick has developed several award winning websites (a SXSW winner) and is a self-taught wiz programmer and app developer. Making sure the MOBO Kickstarter process has a strong tech support structure is Erick’s focus.

Alex Keller

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Business from Southwestern University in 2010
  • Collegiate Soccer Player, Attended one Pro Combine, 1st Team All Conference
  • Founding member of Effective Spend, LLC Digital Marketing Agency
  • Co-Founder and President of FringeSport

Alex loves pretty much everything outdoors. He played soccer from 4 years old all the way to the collegiate level. Since then, he’s been drawn to CrossFit but always been obsessed with obstacle courses/runs, trail runs, mountain hiking and would just love to get lost in a mountain range for 1-3 weeks.

MOBO really excites him because he’s personally had some seriously mobility issues and dysfunction. He has trouble getting low in a squat and have numerous upper body restrictions as well. It is almost as if MOBO was built for him – in one neat little package, it can tackle all of his problems.

The elegance in the design of MOBO really attracts him – he’s a huge fan of Apple and delivering an amazing product and experience and that is where MOBO excels. The thought that has gone into every little piece makes the whole product so incredibly simply that anyone can use it and achieve the MOBOlization that they need.

David Norton

David Norton received his MBA from Pepperdine. He’s a seasoned television producer and brand builder.  A ten season producer of The Biggest Loser, he also created The Biggest Loser Resort as a place anyone could go to get fit and live an abundant life.  As comfortable in front of the camera as behind this sometimes fitness model has created and hosted workout videos and taught others to do the same.  He lives with his wife and three kids in southern California.


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